Being Bamboo: 7 reasons why this grass is a unique building material

[Cover photo: Palmex’s Aloha variant can be seen on a bamboo structure.] Which is the world’s fastest growing plant? This question often makes its to many a quiz across schools in the world. The answer, of course, is bamboo. Some species of this grass shoot up as fast as 35 inches in 24 hours! This incredible plant grows three times faster than any other flora on earth and holds the Guinness world record for the fastest-growing… Read more »

Green building: 5 steps towards sustainable housing

With a greater consciousness around sustainability and green building in architecture today, we cannot turn away from the fact that construction of buildings contributes significantly to carbon emissions and thus climate change. These emissions include not just the actual construction process, but also the manufacture and procurement of building materials. Therefore, architects today look for construction materials that are environmentally responsible. If you are looking for a ‘green building material’ take the following factors into… Read more »

3 Sustainable Materials To Construct a Stylish, Eco-Friendly Home in India

Congested roads, hour-long traffic snarls, garbage piles, smog caused by pollution, unseasonal rains, floods, and scorching summers – chances are you are familiar with all these problems if you live in the city. This is why more urbanites are choosing to spend their weekends in the midst of nature at resorts, and a few eco-conscious citizens amongst us are constructing homes in a more earth-friendly way, so as to reduce their dependence on non-renewable materials…. Read more »

6 green building trends that we loved in 2017

The move towards sustainability in buildings has been on for quite a few years now. While the awareness about energy efficiency and resource management has been catching up, 2017 saw some new and exciting trends that we loved. At the same time, some old trends got a greater impetus with much-needed innovation this year. Here are our picks of the year’s favourite green building habits. 1. Zero Energy Buildings Green buildings set their goals… Read more »