Synthetic Palm Leaves
    For a Durable, Natural-Looking Roof


Cover your back and lower your overhead in style, with durable Palmex synthetic roof thatching.

Thatch your way right into paradise … with Palmex thatch roofing.


Palmex International is pleased to be contributing to the ongoing revival of thatch roofs and to the growing popularity of artificial thatch roofing by offering its unique and patented thatching material. As a global leader in the synthetic thatch industry, we consider it an honor and our responsibility to focus on research and development of durable high quality thatch, with a strong commitment to responsible green roofing for a better future.

Roof thatching more efficient than ever

Modern building demands higher performances in construction techniques and material, and so do informed consumers. Palmex uses new technology to make thatch roofing an intelligent alternative.

Palmex artificial thatch brought to you by Palmex India

The Palmex network of representatives and distributors covers the entire world market. We supply synthetic modern advantages. Our projects include all types and sizes of residential, commercial and public structures.

Recyclable and guaranteed  20 years; no toxic product leak.

Industrial-Strenght materials that reduces flammability.

100% waterproof.

High Wind-Resistance
Resistance up to 170km/h (106mph).

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